How will Digital India impact on agriculture in India?

The new initiative of Government of India is Digital India has recently launched by PM Narendra Modi. It aims at ensuring the government services are made available to citizens without any or through less paperwork.

The one thing which is the most useful for Rural India is the setting up of an Online National Agriculture Trading market to help farmers of India and increase the agriculture.

By 2019, the two way platform will be created between Farmers and Buyers. This will be done through the broadband connectivity across the rural India.

Let us look at some of the important points which will impact Farmers in big way through this initiative.

  • Farmers now have many available options to sell their produce.
  • They will have the options to sell and buy fruits and vegetables and other produce across India through online platform.
  • Currently Farmers have to sell their produce to few mandis and market committees and they charge high amount of tax from them.
  • Farmers can sell their produce to mandis or to online platform.
  • The direct link between seller and buyer will erase out the mediators which will increase the profit margin of farmers and it will also benefit the end product customer also.
  • This online trade will be free of cost so its a service with no cost again it will boost producers income.
  • An agency would be setup to monitor the smooth functioning in online trading, it will also look after the transportation facilities after the online purchase/sell.

According to me its a good initiative but GOI has to face some challenges to make this plan successful. A proper training program,uninterrupted services,electricity,availability of smart phones,tablets and computers to almost every farmer can be big challenge.


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